I-Bio boiler, equipped with a self-cleaning pellet burner with a rotating combustion chamber and an igniter. As standard, the largest fuel container on the market with a capacity of 500 l. The vertical exchanger guarantees a large heat exchange surface, which translates into high boiler efficiency and low fuel consumption.

We set the standards

The i-Bio boiler meets the requirements of the Ecodesign directive and class 5, i.e. the highest efficiency and emission standards at present.

Additionally, the i-Bio boilers: 15, 20, 25, 50 and 75 kW meet the Increased Emission Standard. Such boilers emit dust below 20 mg / m3. In the Clean Air program, this translates into higher subsidies.

Why the i-Bio boiler?
Pellets - natural warmth

Wood biomass in the form of pellets is a 100% renewable and ecological fuel. The ash content of wood pellets is a maximum of 0.5%. The vast majority of pellets are sold in 15 or 20 kg bags, which facilitates storage and feeding to the boiler.

Top efficiency

A high-class burner and an extensive exchanger ensure high boiler efficiency of up to 95%. This makes the boiler even more economical.

Efficient combustion

The combustion process is supervised by the Compit BIOMAX 772 controller. The built-in algorithm for automatic boiler power selection allows you to work in the entire operating power range without user interference in the burner settings. Built-in igniter and a fuel tank with a capacity of 500 liters bring the user service to an absolute minimum.Efficient combustion

Even more warmth

Swirlers placed in the vertical exchanger help to keep dust in the boiler and increase the efficiency of the boiler through more efficient heat exchange.
Fuel level

The fuel level indicator allows you to monitor the fuel level in the tank without going to the boiler room. Information on the fuel level is available e.g. on the NANO ONE, NANO COLOR room panel or smartphone, tablet, laptop via the i-Next internet module

Weather control

An outside temperature sensor (standard equipment) provides a weather-compensated control option, e.g. for an underfloor heating circuit. Editing the heating curve allows you to adjust the settings to your needs. The measured outside temperature can be read on the NANO ONE room thermostat.


The i-Bio boiler is covered by a 5-year warranty on the tightness of the exchanger. The warranty period for other components is 2 years.
High quality

The boiler is made of the highest quality materials. The boiler exchanger is made of certified 6mm thick boiler steel. The burner combustion chamber is made of acid and heat-resistant steel. The pellet feeder (pipe and auger) are made of stainless steel.

Full offer

The I-BIO boiler is a series of 6 units with power from 15 to 150 kW. Therefore, it is perfect for single-family houses as well as for multi-family houses, production halls, warehouses and public buildings.

Available models of the I-BIO boiler: 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 75, 150
3 trays to choose from

       When buying an i-Bio boiler, you can choose 1 of 3 containers.

  •      The XXL version - up to 500 liters of capacity (about 350 kg of pellets), is a standard container for the i-Bio boiler
  •      XL version - almost as large as XXL, but less than 70 cm wide, will allow it to enter through narrower doors.
  •      L version - a container ideal for smaller boiler rooms.
  •      The price of the boiler does not change. You decide with what tray you buy.

The L version is available only for the i-Bio boiler with the power of 15, 20 and 25 kW

        XXL version - is a serial container for the i-Bio boiler, L and XL versions are free options