Boiler KWMP3 with a warm-type feeder

KWMP3 boiler is equipped with a steel warm-type feeder and a cast-iron retort furnace. It is adapted to burn coal of granulation from 5 to 28 mm, the so-called eco-pea coal.

A traditional warm feeder, along with cast-iron retort furnace. Reliable burner of solid design, proven during many years of operation.

Advantages of KWMP3 boiler with steel warm feeder and cast-iron retort furnace:

  • High efficiency and reliability - up to 89 %, burning time - with single-fed container - is 1 - 5 days;
  • Comfort - operation means just a periodic check, filling up the fuel and ash removal from the tray.
  • Ecology - owing to modern solutions, emission of harmful gases is slight, high efficiency of the boiler guarantees the user savings on fuel, which means savings on heating.
  • Top quality materials - the exchanger is made from 6 mm thick attested P265HG steel. Our clients get a five years' guarantee for the boiler and two years' guarantee for electrical accessories and the burner.
  • Extra furnace - the boiler is equipped with an extra (emergency) furnace with a cast grid on which bigger coal or wood fractions can be burnt;
  • Automated burning process - the boiler is provided with a controller with a text display. This enables control of the boiler and C.W.U. heating. Additionally it has an input for a dedicated room thermostat NANO, owing to which thermal comfort of the heated rooms can be increased and, at the same time, fuel consumption decreased. The controller also has an electromechanical protection preventing against overheating. Optional equipment for KWMP3 boiler is a 6-pump, weather controller - RAPID 10 - servicing 3 heating circuits. Complete description of RAPID 10 is provided in the product's catalogue instruction.
  • Steel warm feeder with a cast - iron retort furnace - solid solution, proven during many years of operation.


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