Who we are?

The KOTREM company was founded in 1985 as a typical locksmith-boiler plant. However, from the very beginning, the main branch of the company's activity has been the production of central heating boilers.

The experience gained during the 30-year activity caused that the boilers produced by us are characterized by high efficiency and efficiency, modern combustion technology and low emission of pollutants.

We are constantly improving our products and introducing new ones. An excellent example are boilers in the 5th class and meeting the requirements of the EkoProjekt directive.

Recently, our offer has been enriched with a new pellet boiler i-Bio, with a self-cleaning burner and a container with a capacity of 500l; boiler CARBO 1 with an innovative system of 2 air circuits controlled independently.

In our offer since 2016. air monoblock heat pumps are also available.

Highest quality


We work only with reliable subcontractors and reliable material suppliers who ensure timely and the highest quality of their products.

The boiler supplier for our boilers is the U.S. Steel from Kosice in Slovakia. Boiler exchangers are made of attested P265GH boiler steel. Feeder motorgear are supplied by Nord. Cast iron screw feeders are a proven product of Ekoenergia. The boiler controllers are manufactured by Compit - a leading Polish manufacturer of automation.

In the production process, we use modern welding machines, cutters, bending machines, numerically controlled guillotines. Our machinery park is constantly modernized, thanks to which we can offer products of higher quality.



Low emission is inherently associated with central heating boilers, therefore we are constantly striving to implement solutions aimed at reducing the emission of harmful substances. The effect of these activities are, among others, models of boilers in the 5th class or meeting the requirements of the EcoDesign standard.

Being a member of the Polish Chamber of Ecology, we cooperate on propagating knowledge in the field of clean combustion technologies for solid fuels in low power installations.